Happiness 😊

β€œTry to make at least one person happy every day, and then in ten years you may have made three thousand, six hundred and fifty persons happy, or brightened a small town by your contribution to the fund of general enjoyment.”

-Sydney Smith

Everyone seeks happiness. Actually, almost every action, activity and goal are motivated by the desire to find happiness.

We buy beautiful things, we go to restaurants and love to travel. We seek love and we seek possessions, all for the purpose of enjoying more happiness.

Sometimes these pursuits make us happy, and sometimes they don’t, since true happiness comes from within, and is not dependent on external sources.

Happiness and joy are within your reach. You need to allow then to fill your awareness, and you need to strive to avoid thoughts that you do not deserve happiness.

Happiness is here and now, not at some future time.

You can make your life happier. It is a matter of choice. You might say it is impossible, since you have so many problems. You just cannot be happy. You are wrong. You can be happy even in difficult times and when…

If you ask people, what is happiness and what does it means to them, you will probably receive many different answers to your question. Some would say that happiness means being wealthy. Others would say that to for them…

The source of happiness is within us. Happiness starts from within us. External events might cause it to manifest, but the real source of happiness comes from within you…

If you analyze people’s actions, you will come to the conclusion that they all seek happiness. Every act is in fact, a search for happiness, even if on the surface it doesn’t look so.

Going to the movies, eating in a restaurant, going to a party, traveling abroad, buying clothes or gadgets are motivated by the desire to be happy. There is always this happiness factor inside you, moving you to seek happiness.

If what you do is enjoyable and you like it, a feeling of happiness arises. This will drive you to seek this same activity again, in order to repeat this pleasant feeling.

Are you happy?

Are you happy now, at this very moment?

If you are unhappy, what is keeping your from experiencing happiness?

Don’t let yourself be too affected by what happens to you and around you. This might not be so easy, but it is possible, and is highly rewarding. Just think how much time and energy you save by not dwelling on hurts, negative thoughts and useless matters. Think you good you will feel, if you stop worrying about everything that happens to you and around you.

When the mind is calm, peace arises. This is why meditation and silencing the chatter of the mind bring inner peace and happiness.

So always stay happy πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹πŸ˜Žβ˜ΊπŸ™‚πŸ€—πŸ˜‡


There are many memories in our life…❀

School life ki…😎
πŸ‘‡πŸΌ πŸ‘‡πŸΌ πŸ‘‡πŸΌ πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
Assembly:- 😴(sleeping)
1st period:- πŸ˜“(half sleepy)
2nd period:-😀(angry)
3rd period:-😱(kyun aaya)
4th period:-πŸ€’(not interested)
5th period:- 😨(nooo..!)
6th period:- 😰(m not ready)
7th period:- πŸ˜•(sad)
8th period:- πŸ€” (waiting for the bell to ring)
Finally..! CHUTTIπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰

Kuch aur mazedaar baatein…
1.Periods ke beech me dost se baatein krna…😴
2.Teacher ke padhane par kahin kho jana…πŸ€—
3.Teacher question puche to answer na de paana…πŸ˜…
4.Teacher jab padhae to doston se baatein karna…πŸ˜‰
5.Corridor mein bhagna…😜
7.Periods ke beech me tiffin khana…🍟
Bachpan ki baatein bhulana bahut mushkil h❣

*Plz read carefully* ____________________
“`Friendship is not about “sorry”.“`
“`It’s about “saari ghalti teri thi”.“`
“`Friendship is not about “Thanks”.
It’s about
“koi Ehsaan nahi kiya mujhpe”.“`
“`Friendship is not about
“I miss u.”
It’s about
“kahan mar gaye thay itne din”?“`

Friendship is not about
“I understand.”
It’s about “hamesha main hi kyun samjhoon”?
Friendship is not about
“I’m happy for your success.”
It’s about
“chal beta treat de”?
Friendship is not about
“are u coming to see us tomorrow”?
It’s about
“Dramaybazi band kar, aur chup chaap chal mere sath.”
Friendship is not about
“Just reading this msg.”
It’s about
“Sending it to all lovely friends whom u never want to lose”.
“Zindagi me dost nahi, dosto me zindagi hai”

Its a really true friendship

Nice rules of

1.) Never ask for
“Just take it.”

2.) Never ask for
“Do u miss me?”
“I miss u.”

3.) Never ask for
“Can u help me?”
“Do this for me.”

4.) Never say
“I can’t live without u”
“I live for u.”

5.) Never say
“Thank you.”
” Sorry.”
Instead say “anytime for u.”

To All My Lovely Friends

You have a true and loving friend in your life…

πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’œ FRIENDS πŸ’œπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™


Beautiful literally mean – very pretty or attractive; giving pleasure to the senses in English language dictionary. But do beautiful always have to mean that only?

If yes, as per the definition it could be anything/human which or who is pretty or attractive either giving pleasure to the senses. So it mean anybody dark in colour or smaller in height or healthy in size could also be beautiful. Correct?

But some of the creepy creatures present in our so called society disgrace people for their looks, body shade or shape or size. That’s not the correct thing to do with anybody.

Everybody is beautiful be it a boy or a girl, they have a sense of beauty and elegance in them.

Now please if any boy is reading it, don’t think that “I am a boy or a man, how can I be beautiful rather I could be handsome.”

So for the people who are having a thought like this, I am talking about the internal beauty and not talking about the looks.


So back to the topic now, everybody has a talent in them and everyone is the best in their own way. And we have no righs to disgrace them.

Every human carry a heart of gold!

Respect them

The Misuse of Electronic Media

This is an age of advertisement and publicity. The business community makes use of electronic media to advertise their products. They spend a huge amount of money and time on advertisement. Sometimes their advertisements are misleading and based on falsehood. They show faults in us to convince us that we need their products.
The children, youngsters and the old people watch these advertisements and they learn from it. Whether it is wrong or right, they learn it. The big businessmen, business typhoons spend a lot money to advertise their products in a catchy way so that every generation purchases their product.But they forget that if any wrong message will be conveyed than not only youngsters but their own children learn bad things and fall in falsehood.The big businessmen, advertisers, directors, etc. should learn that they should not produce any advertisement that will lead our new generation fall into bad company and make wrong decision.We should also criticise these kinds of advertisements. But criticising does not mean creating fuss in the country and it also does not mean violence. Criticising mean expressing disapproval towards something but calmly.But I am not saying that everyone is wrong. I was just talking about only few percents of our society.So be aware and be safe.


Nature is our greatest gift received from the almighty God. It is also called ‘prakriti’ in Hindi and given the position of a goddess in the Hindu Mythology.

It provides us everything we need and what is beneficial for us, that too without charging even a single penny.

Nature is enough capable to fulfill the needs of everybody present on it but not at all capable to fulfill the greed of even a single person.

It loves us without asking for any thing from us. It provides us without any selfishness but what do we do to it?

We use it, waste it and moreover we destroy the nature, knowing that once if it will be finished, it will not come in existence again in the same way.


The human thinks that he is the most intelligent of all in the whole universe. But he has forgotten that the supreme power who created him can destroy him as well and that supreme power is only one. It does not require any human or machine to protect itself from anything.

The human make changes which he thinks is beneficial but he does not looks at the drawbacks of that change. I know change is one of the biggest truth and rule of life but changing the nature is actually going against the nature.


Nature feeds us and the other creatures present like it’s own child and it stay calm for a huge duration of time allowing the human to learn from it’s own mistakes but when we crosses all our limits, the nature punishes us as our parents do. But this punishment is pretty harder as compared to the punishment from our parents. It will be the complete distruction and no one will be able to stop that destruction.

So don’t try to change the rules of nature as when nature will change itself then it will distruct everything.


Please save the nature, animals, birds, insects, plants, and everything if you want to save your life and your families’ life.

Computers and Modern Education

Computers and school education today depend on each other. Education is becoming more and more Computer Based. Internet is the ocean of information and it’s your move that you use it how wisely. It can become an excellent medium to improve your education and studies.

Online teaching or online learning materials are available in a pretty huge amount on internet. It showcases multiple and different ways to attempt a single question for the better understanding of the topic. It has the information of different examination and administrations, etc.

Computers are not only used in educational sectors but is being used for mostly all occupation and professions. Like in banking sector, agricultural sector, entrepreneur sector, teaching sector, technical sector, medical sector, legal sector, public sector, etc.

Virtual classes or a virtual learning leads to effective learning. A child can grasp things easily via visual classes. As animations can be used to explain the topics better.

It is ideal for research and projects in all subject. It provides us the information which might be very rare to be found but very easily. It is also called distance learning education. It enhances creativity as well. It has various learning videos teaching as to create and to make new product.

Although it is a very useful and efficient means of information gathering but parents should protect their children form obscenity, blackmail and online exploitation as well. They should keep a proper mental contact with their children which means they should trust their children and build a confidence in their child so that he or she could fearlessly provoke their parents for anything and for any problem.

Use it effectively. Stay safe stay happy.

Good Vibes





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