Nature is our greatest gift received from the almighty God. It is also called ‘prakriti’ in Hindi and given the position of a goddess in the Hindu Mythology.

It provides us everything we need and what is beneficial for us, that too without charging even a single penny.

Nature is enough capable to fulfill the needs of everybody present on it but not at all capable to fulfill the greed of even a single person.

It loves us without asking for any thing from us. It provides us without any selfishness but what do we do to it?

We use it, waste it and moreover we destroy the nature, knowing that once if it will be finished, it will not come in existence again in the same way.


The human thinks that he is the most intelligent of all in the whole universe. But he has forgotten that the supreme power who created him can destroy him as well and that supreme power is only one. It does not require any human or machine to protect itself from anything.

The human make changes which he thinks is beneficial but he does not looks at the drawbacks of that change. I know change is one of the biggest truth and rule of life but changing the nature is actually going against the nature.


Nature feeds us and the other creatures present like it’s own child and it stay calm for a huge duration of time allowing the human to learn from it’s own mistakes but when we crosses all our limits, the nature punishes us as our parents do. But this punishment is pretty harder as compared to the punishment from our parents. It will be the complete distruction and no one will be able to stop that destruction.

So don’t try to change the rules of nature as when nature will change itself then it will distruct everything.


Please save the nature, animals, birds, insects, plants, and everything if you want to save your life and your families’ life.

Practical Files

1.) Mathematics

Activity 1( To obtain the condition for consistency of a system of linear equations in two variables)

Activity 2 ( To verify that the given sequence is an arithmetic progression by paper cutting and pasting method) in your respective Mathematics practical file.

Activity 2.1 ( To find the coordinates of points when a geometrical figure is transferred by moving 7 units and 5 units to left)

Activity 5.8( To give a suggestive demonstration of the formula for the volume of right circular come by an activity) in your respective Mathematics practical file.

Activity 3.3 (To verify the Pythagoras theorem by the method of paper , cutting and pasting)

Activity 3.4 (To verify using the method of paper cutting, pasting and folding that the lengths of tangent drawn from an external point are equal.)

Activity 5.5 (To give suggestive demonstration of the formula for the volume of a right circular cylinder in terms of height(h) and radius(r) of the base circle)

Activity 5.6 (To make a cone of given slant height (l) and base circumference)

Activity 6.2 (To get familiar with the idea of probability of an event through a double colour card experiment)

A mandatory activity from CBSE, that all the students have to make a project on Telangana and Haryana.For Mathematics make a colourful project of 3 to 4 pages using concepts of chapter Statistics.

2.) Science

Although the teachers asked to note down all the practicals in the lab manual but after few days a list came of deleted practicals.

Given below is the list :

Project File topics

Topic for science project

Prescribed by cbse for the internal assessment of 10 marks worth.

Project should be made of 10 ..15 pages,preferably a spiral scrap book  with one side blank page and other side writing.

It should comprise all the topics given underneath.

Diagrams covered under the project should be drawn by hand ,no cut paste allowed,one collage of different natural resources can be made in the project file
so students prepare this project,it can be asked by cbse any time.

3rd Topic is mandatory from CBSE ,that all the students have to make a power point project on Telangana and Haryana….for Sciencethe topic is… *Alternative sources of* **energy,medical and nonmedical* facilities in Haryana and Telangana,…… *make a colourful project. …3 to 4 pages with the help of* *pictures*

3.) Social Studies

The teacher gave 3 options for the students to make a project file.

The options are as follows :

(Any one out of three)


  1. Cover page- showing project title, student information,  school name and year
  2. List of contents ( index)
  3. Acknowledgement and Preface
  4. Introduction
  5. Content
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography
  8. All the photographs and sketches should be labeled and related to the theme.
  9. Pages should be 8-10maximum
  10. A4 sheets to be used and project needs to be handwritten.
  • Kindly follow the deadline.

Map File

Second Project

4. IT

The teacher has given 3 topics till now for the project file and she is ready to provide more material in one or two days.

See the topics from the given INDEX.

The teacher had given 5 more topics for project file of IT different from the previously given topics. And the submission date is 17th December, 2020

Project is mandatory from CBSE ,that all the students have to make a project on Telangana and Haryana….for IT Project Make one ppt on How e-governance projects are empowering citizens of Telangana and Haryana? *NOTE*: For first slide of your ppt put the topic then add 6-7 slides of explanation and last slide will be of Thank You slide….

5.) English

Make *English Project File* which will be a part of your student’s profile. As per the instructions given by teachers you will complete the task given and put/place them in the project file.

First activity: You will write an article on *”Lockdown: Discovering Myself’* word limit 150-200.

2nd Topic: Write a paragraph and draw/paste pictures of ( word limit of each paragraph 50-60 words) on *the traditional dress of any 10 states of India*’
Use your creativity to decorate the project file and assignments/task given. Internal assessment will be done on this *Project File*.

3rd Topic is to write the given questions neatly and put it in your project file.

Q1. You are Rohan of 63, Sakinaka, Aurangabad. Write a letter to the Director of Akash institute, Kota enquiring about the coaching classes for the next examination. Ask for all necessary details in 100-120 words. (8)
Q2. How did Mandela’s hunger for freedom change his life? OR
How did the young sea Gull learn to fly? (8)
Q3. How did Ausable outwit Max? OR
“He gets very angry when anyone talks about ‘honour’ among thieves” Discuss. (8)

Please answer the above mentioned questions (only 3) in a plane sheet, write your name, date and section. Then click the pics or scan the answer sheets and send by what’s up. Place the hard copy of the answer sheets in your English project file.

CBSE Project 1: Do any one of the given options

4th Topic for English Project File: Write a paragraph on your favourite butterfly and draw it’s picture. Name few famous butterfly parks in India and world.

5th Topic for English project work. Draw our National Flag and write an article on it specifying the importance of each colour and Ashoka chakra of the tricolour.

CBSE Project 2: Write an essay on any one topic of the following

6th Topic for English Project File. Write an analytical paragraph based on your research and findings of ‘Bermuda Triangle’ in not more that 400-500words. Paste picture also.

7th Topic is to make a project on Telangana and Haryana
*To write 2 folk stories each of Haryana and Telangana,…… *make a colourful project. …3 to 4 pages with the help of pictures related to folk stories.

8th Project *English Department*

6.) Physical Education

Complete the games

  • Atheletics 🏃‍♂
  • Basketball 🏀
  • Yoga 🧘‍♂
  • Football ⚽
  • Badminton 🏸

Project is mandatory from CBSE, that all the students have to make a project on Telangana and Haryana for Physical Education

7.) Hindi

1st Project is on Meera Bai of 7-8 pages with pictures pasted beside the text.

2nd Project is on three poets which are listed below;

  • Meera Bai
  • Kabir Daas
  • Maithli Charan Gupt

For each poet and poetess you have to write about 3-4 pages. And paste the photographs respectively.

3rd Project is to make a project on Telangana and Haryana , atleast four ,five sheets, their culture, climate and festival. With in a week it should be ready.

4th Project is to make a power point project on Telangana and Haryana….for Hindi
the topic is…
*To write 2 Poet or writer each of Haryana and Telangana,…… *make a colourful project of 3 to 4 pages with the help of pictures related to the Poet and writer.

End Rape Culture Now

stop rape now…… हाँ माना अंग थोड़े अलग से हैं, तो क्या हुआ, क्या वो इंसान नहीं, रस्तों पे अकेले ही तो चल रही थी, तो फिर नजरों से क्यूँ डालते उसके अंगों पे निशान कईं,  सोचो कभी अगर उस जिस्म की खोल मे रूह तुम्हारी होती, घूरती नजरें तुमको भी और रूह तुम्हारी भी […]

End Rape Culture Now

Does Beauty Excuse Bad Behaviour?


Giftie Speaks

There will be Mo Dao Zu Shi Spoilers

It’s well known that if a guy is not good looking then if they do something creepy it’s creepy but if a good looking guy does it then it’s cute and thoughtful and “Aww he just wanted to talk to me” and all that crap.

Now when I say good looking I believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder so beautiful or good looking to the beholder.

Ok so I’ve been watching a lot of dramas and I noticed that fans (when I turned on the comments) would talk about characters and excuse their bad behaviour because they were good looking.

Perhaps bad behaviour is too light of a word, their downright evil and disgusting behaviour. The kind of behaviour that has you wondering, “Is he a psychopath? Shouldn’t she be running right now?”

And I wondered is that really…

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A Glimpse of the Ineffable

Pretty Nice

everyday gurus

jolandaA few weeks ago, I was honored to host a call with Jolanda van den Berg. Jolanda had a traumatic event 5 years ago that catalyzed a complete awakening from the form into the formless–she saw how her identity was an illusion:

“So what I saw 5 years ago, that the Jolanda character was really never there. That is the illusion of existence, you could say. It defines you, so you can never define the other way around. It is too complicated. It is not only too complicated, it is impossible. Why I didn’t speak for 5 years because it is a story in a story. So if people think that it happened to me, that is not true. Because what you see is that there was never a person experiencing anything. So the words that come out of me are just coming out without me doing anything. But…

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My Physical Fitness is my Wealth That will Build Human Capital For Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Being physically fit is very important in today’s life because the world today had become a world of machine rather than a world of living being.
Today mostly every work is done by either machine or a program and because of it we are just becoming nearly useless.

As we were not doing most of the work, our bodies have become stiff. So, to remove the stiffness and laziness is very important.

An atmanirbhar bharat has been a dream of every true Indian. And it is from the Independence that every leader has been trying to make an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Our physical fitness is our wealth that will build human capital for aatmanirbhar bharat. If the population will be physically fit, it will be less chance of getting ill. And being physically fit will lead to more brain working for our country and it will lead to a more developed and powerful India. Powerful not only because of the army but also because of the unity of the people and the strength of the people.

As we all have learnt in early schools, “Health is Wealth” it is really cracked because if people will not get sick, then first money will be safe from the expensive expenditures and second we will be able to perform with each of the jobs effectively and efficiently.

Aatmanirbhar Bharat can only be possible when every Indian will work together without any religion, language, race or caste differences.
We all have to work for each other and make India aatmanirbhar.

We should increase our product quality with quantity of our products and we should prefer Indian companies for our needs.

We like different brands but how these have achieved this much name and fame?
In the starting they were also unknown names but as people have been using them, for chasing them and the most important making it famous.

We also have to go through the same process. We should “Vocal for Local” And much more to be done together. But we should do something rather than just reading or listening as well.

Good Vibes





Neologe the new not rename the old

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