My Physical Fitness is my Wealth That will Build Human Capital For Aatmanirbhar Bharat

Being physically fit is very important in today’s life because the world today had become a world of machine rather than a world of living being.
Today mostly every work is done by either machine or a program and because of it we are just becoming nearly useless.

As we were not doing most of the work, our bodies have become stiff. So, to remove the stiffness and laziness is very important.

An atmanirbhar bharat has been a dream of every true Indian. And it is from the Independence that every leader has been trying to make an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.

Our physical fitness is our wealth that will build human capital for aatmanirbhar bharat. If the population will be physically fit, it will be less chance of getting ill. And being physically fit will lead to more brain working for our country and it will lead to a more developed and powerful India. Powerful not only because of the army but also because of the unity of the people and the strength of the people.

As we all have learnt in early schools, “Health is Wealth” it is really cracked because if people will not get sick, then first money will be safe from the expensive expenditures and second we will be able to perform with each of the jobs effectively and efficiently.

Aatmanirbhar Bharat can only be possible when every Indian will work together without any religion, language, race or caste differences.
We all have to work for each other and make India aatmanirbhar.

We should increase our product quality with quantity of our products and we should prefer Indian companies for our needs.

We like different brands but how these have achieved this much name and fame?
In the starting they were also unknown names but as people have been using them, for chasing them and the most important making it famous.

We also have to go through the same process. We should “Vocal for Local” And much more to be done together. But we should do something rather than just reading or listening as well.

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