Nature is our greatest gift received from the almighty God. It is also called ‘prakriti’ in Hindi and given the position of a goddess in the Hindu Mythology.

It provides us everything we need and what is beneficial for us, that too without charging even a single penny.

Nature is enough capable to fulfill the needs of everybody present on it but not at all capable to fulfill the greed of even a single person.

It loves us without asking for any thing from us. It provides us without any selfishness but what do we do to it?

We use it, waste it and moreover we destroy the nature, knowing that once if it will be finished, it will not come in existence again in the same way.


The human thinks that he is the most intelligent of all in the whole universe. But he has forgotten that the supreme power who created him can destroy him as well and that supreme power is only one. It does not require any human or machine to protect itself from anything.

The human make changes which he thinks is beneficial but he does not looks at the drawbacks of that change. I know change is one of the biggest truth and rule of life but changing the nature is actually going against the nature.


Nature feeds us and the other creatures present like it’s own child and it stay calm for a huge duration of time allowing the human to learn from it’s own mistakes but when we crosses all our limits, the nature punishes us as our parents do. But this punishment is pretty harder as compared to the punishment from our parents. It will be the complete distruction and no one will be able to stop that destruction.

So don’t try to change the rules of nature as when nature will change itself then it will distruct everything.


Please save the nature, animals, birds, insects, plants, and everything if you want to save your life and your families’ life.

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